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Peak Crystals and Minerals

Genuine Moldavite Raw B

Genuine Moldavite Raw B

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Chakra: Heart, Third Eye, Crown
Element: Earth, Wind
Zodiac: ALL
Locality: Czech Republic

Moldavite, having made a splash in the social media world, has since gained a reputation.
This is a powerful crystal, with energy from another world. It was formed when a meteorite impacted Earth millions of years ago, and formed this beautiful green glass. The composition of Moldavite being green rather than black, like other Tektites, is due to the iron content in the soil. This makes this super unique, only found in one place on the planet.
Moldavite is a crystal of transformation and manifestation. When using it, you must be clear with your intentions to allow it to guide you. You may find yourself getting hot when using this piece, and that's an indication of how powerful the crystal energy is. Be clear with your hopes and plan for life, set your intentions firm, and allow this stunning otherworldly crystal to propel you to your destiny!

Size: 1.4g
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