Crystal Info

Where do your crystals come from?

All over the world! Each crystal has the locality listed in its description. If it is not there, sometimes the information gets lost in transport. However, we always strive to know exactly what part of the Earth formed each beautiful piece.

What does each Crystal mean?

The description of each crystals metaphysical energy is listed in its description. You can also go to the collections or search for a particular crystal, and it will show you all of the options we have available in that crystal.

How do I know the crystals are genuine?

We only ever source from reputable dealers. If a piece is lab-grown or modified, we will state that in its description.

I like them all, how do I pick which crystal!?

This is the exciting part of crystals! Intuitively, you always know what your mind, body, and energy needs. Tune into your subconscious and see where you are being pulled. Colours, Shapes, Meanings... Listen hard! It will never steer you wrong.

How do I use crystals?

Crystals can be used in various ways. Some people love them just to bring a new look to their home, especially from the Large Statement Pieces.
If you are wanting to use the crystals for their metaphysical properties, I suggest beginning by holding the piece and sitting quietly with it. Notice any sensations, physical or emotional, that comes to the surface. This is only the beginning of a practice with crystals.
From here you can place them in the home where you want to receive that energetic shift. For example, Rose Quartz is beautiful in the living room where loving energy flows between people, or in the bathroom to bring a loving energy to yourself whilst you have a pamper day.
You can place them in the office, or at the front door to bring abundance, and various other places dependent on their energy. If the crystals are smaller, carrying them with you in a pocket or bag is a great way to energy their energy benefits all day long.

Shipping & Returns

Where do you ship?

At the moment, we only ship to USA and Canada. Message us if you are beyond that, and we will see if there is something we can do.

How long does dispatch take?

We try dispatch all orders in 2-4 working days. If there is a reason we cannot fulfill in it at that time, we will message you!

Does postage come with tracking?

Yes! That's why shipping is $9 on all orders (unless you spend over $120 CAD or $99 US). This ensures there will be tracking and insurance on the package.

Can I return it the crystal if it isn't right?

Unfortunately not. We are sure the crystal you choose has the right energy for you and that you will love it! If there is ever an issue, contact us directly at peakcrystalsandminerals@gmail.com, and we will discuss.