Cleansing Crystals 101

Cleansing Crystals 101

Spring is here! It is time to Refresh!

Spring has been here a month or so now and you've done the obligatory 'Spring Clean': refreshing from top to bottom of your home, every shelf, every corner, every cupboard is feeling great! 

But there is still an energy lingering. Something stagnant. And you cannot seem to shift it. 

Well, let me help!

Before we dive in, I want to preface that everything I suggest in this blog is a practice that I have cultivated from my own research and experience. I do not believe there is a 'right way' or a 'wrong way' to care for your crystals or your space. However, there is definitely some practices that just make sense!

So, let's begin...

The 'Why' of cleansing

If you're attuned to the metaphysical energy of crystals, you understand the abundant energy they carry. However, our own fluctuating energy can sometimes drain or interfere with the effectiveness of the crystal's energy when interacting with them. Cleansing becomes a beautiful practice to replenish positive energy to the crystal, almost as an offering of energy back to them, reciprocating the energy they give to us.
Another compelling reason to cleanse and charge crystals is to deepen our bond with them. When selecting a crystal, there's often a resonance or connection felt with it. (See this blog post for how to choose a crystal.) This connection is an ongoing relationship, and each time we cleanse a crystal, we enhance our understanding of its energy.
Lastly, tradition plays a significant role. Crystals have been integral to cultures for centuries, making the path of ritual a means to connect with our ancestors and tap into ancient wisdom.

Cleansing Tools

Numerous methods exist for cleansing crystals, and much like building your crystal collection, the choice often boils down to personal preference. You might discover that certain methods resonate more with you than others, and that's precisely what you should focus on! When you're in sync with your energy and your chosen cleansing method, it sets the stage for positive energy to flow seamlessly into your space.

 1) Moon Energy 
This is perhaps the most popular and famous cleansing ritual and for great reasons!  This method requires no items. It is easy and can invite different energy based on the phase of the moon. Many cultures throughout history have revered the moon for its symbolic and spiritual significance. In ancient Greek and Roman mythology, the moon was associated with lunar deities such as Artemis and Diana, representing femininity, intuition, and protection. In some Native American traditions, certain moon phases are considered auspicious times for rituals and ceremonies, reflecting a deep connection to lunar cycles. I will go more into this in a future Blog!
Suggested Practice: Place your crystals on the windowsill, letting them soak up the soft moonlight. Cleanse them under the full moon to awaken their purest energy. Under the new moon, cleanse them to set intentions. As the moon waxes to its full brilliance, observe your endeavors and aspirations thrive and bloom.

 2) Sun Energy 
In the balance of life, opposing forces exist: Yin and Yang, Masculine and Feminine, Light and Dark. While the Moon bestows a soothing, intuitive, feminine energy for cleansing and intuition, the Sun emanates a vibrant, plentiful, masculine energy. Given the Sun's intense nature, caution is advised with certain crystals in direct sunlight, including Amethyst, Prasiolite, Kunzite, Beryl, Topaz, and Citrine, among others.
Suggested Practice: Place crystals imbued with fiery masculine energy under the sun's rays, while leaving the others to absorb the gentle moonlight. If uncertain, opt for moonlight. Notable crystals for sun energy include Pyrite, Carnelian, and Tiger's Eye.

 3) Sound Vibrations 
Sound is one of my favorite methods, and you don't need a fancy bowl to use it effectively. Everything vibrates, including us and crystals. Sound interacts with these vibrations, helping to reset and harmonize our energy. So, while singing bowls are lovely, the real magic is in understanding vibration.
Suggested Practice: When using a sound bowl, consider placing small crystals inside, but always protect both the bowl and crystals with a cloth to prevent damage. Play the bowl until you sense a restored balance within yourself. Upon removing the crystals, accompany the action with a positive affirmation, infusing your energy into them. Alternatively, if a bowl isn't available, you can hum or produce the sound of AUM (Ohm). This continuous hum resonating through the chest and throat interacts similarly with vibrations, activating the vagus nerve and inducing relaxation across mind, body, and soul.

 4) Water 
Water, the essence of life, forms a beautiful partnership with crystals. Many crystals owe their existence to water. However, understanding is crucial in this realm. Opt for natural water sources for a purer cleanse, avoiding chemicals and human influence. Rinsing crystals instead of soaking is advisable, as some may not tolerate water well. If considering crystal elixirs, educate yourself on which crystals to steer clear of. (More on this in the future!)
Suggested Practice: When nature blesses us with a downpour, seize the opportunity to cleanse your crystals in the rain. Choose crystals that would benefit from a refreshing bath and let the raindrops wash away any stagnant energy. Embrace the moment with the sentiment of Hilary Duff's song, "Let the rain fall down and wake my dreams!"

 5) Smoke 
Smoke cleansing, a popular method gaining traction in recent years and often showcased on social media, holds deep cultural significance that many may overlook. While I'm continually learning, I emphasize the importance of seeking knowledge from credible sources as you develop your own practice.
The three primary components of smoke cleansing—Sage, Palo Santo, and Incense—each carry their own traditions and rituals. Sage, for instance, holds immense ceremonial value in indigenous cultures and should be approached with profound respect and understanding of its heritage. Exploring its history and usage is crucial to honoring its roots properly. (Check out this Blog for more information.)
Palo Santo, meaning "Holy Wood," originates from South America and is integral to ceremonies and personal practices alike, serving as a means of energy cleansing and inviting abundance.
Incense has ancient origins, tracing back to Ancient China, where burning various herbs and plants was believed to promote relaxation and positivity. Its use continues globally for similar purposes today.
By delving into the history and significance of these components, we honor the cultures from which they originate and enrich our own spiritual practices with deeper understanding and respect.
Suggested Practice: Light your burnable using a wooden match or lighter, then gently blow out the flame, allowing the wood to smolder and emit fragrant smoke. This smoke serves as the cleansing agent, which you can then waft towards yourself or your crystals to cleanse and revitalize their energy. It's a simple yet powerful ritual that can bring a sense of purification and renewal to your space and spirit.

 6) Mother Nature 
Returning crystals to Mother Earth is a powerful way to enhance their energy and restore their natural balance. Most crystals are gifts from nature, with only a few exceptions like Moldavite or Meteorite, which originate from extraterrestrial sources. Allowing them to reconnect with the Earth's vibrations helps to revitalize and harmonize their energy, returning them to their natural state of balance and vitality.
Suggested Practice: Discover a spot in nature, whether it's a garden, forest, or any place that speaks to your soul. Carefully dig a small hole and tenderly place your crystals in the earth. Before burying them, take a moment to sit with them, inviting Mother Nature to reclaim and imbue them with her revitalizing energy. Don't forget to mark the spot to ensure you can find them later! When the time feels right, return to retrieve your crystals, whether it's overnight or after a longer period. Before leaving, pause to express gratitude to Mother Earth for her cleansing touch.

 6) Other Crystals 

Some crystals have the unique ability to cleanse and recharge the energy of other crystals when placed nearby. Selenite and Satin Spar Selenite, which emanate the energy of the Moon, are particularly effective for this purpose. Clear Quartz is another favorite of mine, as it has the power to absorb negative energy, convert it into positive vibrations, and emit it outward.
Suggested Practice: Place wherever you keep crystals that are around a lot of energy consistently. Keep one of these in your handbag, or in your jewelry box for and overnight refresh. I would not that this cleanse is not the most energetic, and a full cleanse of all crystals (including Selenite) should be done when needed.

The Ritual

Let this be the most important part of cleansing: whichever method you choose, however you wish to cleanse, embrace it entirely. Take it as a moment of meditation, to breathe, focus, and release what is no longer serving you.

Open this cleanse with an intention. Ask yourself or the universe, what you would like to bring forward. Breathe into the answer and take it with you as you go about this ritual. When cleansing crystals, use the suggested practices above to deeply connect with their energy. 

If cleansing a space:
Begin in a part of the home that experiences a lot of energy: the living room or kitchen perhaps. Then work the cleanse in an anti-clockwise direction to clear energy, and in a clockwise direction to invite in energy. Continue thinking of the intention you wish to bring forth.  

Now you have a deeper understanding and clarity on the "Why" and How To" of cleansing.

Cleansing our space and crystals is not just about removing negative energy; it's a sacred practice of reconnecting with ourselves, the natural world, and the energies that surround us. Whether we choose to harness the power of the moon, the sun, sound vibrations, water, smoke, or Mother Earth herself, each method holds its own significance and offers a pathway to renewal and revitalization. By approaching these practices with intention, reverence, and an open heart, we invite harmony, balance, and positive energy into our lives. Let us embrace the journey of cleansing as a moment of meditation, a time to breathe, focus, and release what no longer serves us, allowing space for growth, clarity, and transformation to unfold.

With Gratitude,
Corey and Dani x

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