I got a Crystal! ... Now what?

I got a Crystal! ... Now what?

The first question I get asked by people new to the world of crystals is:

“What do I do with it?”

Whether people have been recommended a crystal by a friend, or they’ve come across our table at a market, or they found a rock in their home from their childhood collecting cool rocks, crystals and metaphysics has become pretty well known in the last couple of years. 

Blame the pandemic. When we were locked up, being told the world was ending, a general trend came about. No, I’m not talking about making Sourdough, or Wordle. I’m talking about finding solace in natural healing modalities, turning away from conventional pharmaceuticals in favor of less invasive, more holistic approaches. Among these alternatives, crystals emerged as a popular choice, offering a glimpse into a world once considered taboo, that once would have got you burned at the stake. 

So, you picked a crystal, what’s next? Contrary to rubbing it like a magic lamp, there are many ways to functionally use crystals. They can adorn your living space, accompany you on your travels, serve as comforting companions during moments of overwhelm, aid in meditation, or even enhance your water (though a disclaimer: not all crystals are suitable for water use, let alone consumption!). The possibilities are as diverse as your intentions.

The ‘What’ ultimately depends on you. 

Ask yourself “Am I in need of something mentally/spiritually?”

“Have I been drawn to this crystal for a reason?”

“Am I open to exploring something new?”

If the answer is “No” to these all, well then I have an easy answer for you! Enjoy the rock. Put it somewhere nice and rid yourself of the responsibility of having tonourish a piece of Nature like a houseplant!

However, if you answered "yes" to any of the above, let's embark on a journey together (albeit virtually). By embracing curiosity about these natural wonders, you open the door to deeper interactions with the universe.

Let me explain: molecules vibrate. Take a glance at science as a child: we know that gasses, liquids, and solids all vibrate and move. Everything in the universe vibrates at some sort of frequency. This frequency depends on what it is. What it is made up of. How it was formed. Certain elements vibrate differently to others, meaning that different minerals, made up of all different elements, have their own vibrational frequency. I won't get too science-y here, but being that we are made up of so many elements, and have highly developed minds, our vibrations can fluctuate heavily. If we interact with something of a lower vibration, it will draw some of our vibrational energy to itself, leaving us drained, hence feeling “low”. If we interact with something of a higher vibration, it will impart some of that energy onto us. This exchange isn't exclusive to crystals; it extends to people, places, and objects, highlighting the importance of protecting our energy.

So, how does this relate to crystal usage? If you're drawn to a crystal and seek spiritual or mental enrichment, it's likely because its energy has resonated with yours, prompting a shift in your frequency. Now, the "what" depends on your intuition.

Each crystal exerts a distinct influence. For example, Black Tourmaline offers grounding energy, while Pyrite embodies courage, and Aquamarine fosters peace. Your chosen crystal, coupled with your intentions, dictates how and when to utilize its energy.

For small crystals, carrying them with you, in a pocket or a bag, can allow them to be held during times of need. If you need confidence, hold Carnelian in your left hand to receive the energy. If you are wired and need to rest, hold Aquamarine in the right hand to release some energy. Left is receiving. Right is giving.
If the crystal is larger, placing it in the home where it will benefit you is a must. Amethyst beside the bed will bring restful sleep, and lucid dreams. Vanadinite in the home office will help alleviate procrastination. Rose Quartz in the bathroom will promote self-love every time you look in the mirror.

A crystal that feels very personal can enhance meditation and manifestation practices, serving as conduits for your intentions and desires. And for those interested in deeper practices like moon water rituals and altar arrangements, stay tuned for future blogs exploring these experiences.

Remember, you're just beginning your journey into the world of crystal energy and metaphysics. My advice? Trust in Mother Nature's guidance, embrace her lessons, and savor the journey ahead into holistic well-being.

WIth so much gratitude,


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