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Peak Crystals and Minerals

Serpentine Crystal Elephant Carving

Serpentine Crystal Elephant Carving

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Chakra: Heart, Root
Locality: Chitungwiza Art Centre, Zimbabwe (Hand carved by locals in Chitungwiza)

Serpentine is a crystal that very much connects with Mother Earth. It has a calming energy, just like going for a walk in the forest. It connects great with the Kundalini energy of the body, and opens up the feminine side of ourselves. Despite connecting with the yin femininity, it helps to stop overthinking, and being overly sensitive to things we cannot control. It can help overcome nervousness, and anxiety. Being that it is often mistaken for jade, this crystal fortunately still brings in abundance, and prosperity, good health and fortune.
Elephants are a symbol of so many powerful and positive things. They represent wisdom, long life, memory, and vitality. They are a maternal figure, and represent familial bonds and the strength as a group, known to defend their herd with unbound loyalty. With their sheer strength and power, they are removers of obstacles. Nothing stands in the way of an elephant.

Size: 105mm x 70mm
Weight: 207.9g

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