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Peak Crystals and Minerals

Septarian Freeform

Septarian Freeform

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Chakra: Root.
Element: Earth.
Zodiac: Taurus.
Locality: Kane County, Utah

Septarian is a magical conjunction of Aragonite (brown), Calcite (Yellow), and Limestone (Grey). This crystal gives off a calming Earth energy; a connection with Mother Nature, grounding and centering us. Being that this stone was formed in the Cretaceous period (50-60 million years ago), the energy it radiates gives a sense of inner wisdom and connection with our pasts. Meditate with it for visions of your past lives, and sleep with it near the bed for vivid dreams of symbolism and connections to your past lives.
This crystal is a hybrid of stones and so benefits from all of their properties. Aragonite removes stress and anxiety. Calcite amplifies and clears energy fields, and helps memory. Limestone ground the body and spirit and helps with emotional healing. Put all of these wonderful properties together, and you get a truly impressive crystal, perfect for grounding, healing, and balancing your energies.

Size: 140 x 120 x 10mm
Weight: 338.2g
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