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Peak Crystals and Minerals

Raw Selenite Slices

Raw Selenite Slices

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Chakra: Crown
Element: Wind
Locality: Creamsicle Mine, Utah

Selenite is a very popular crystal among energy workers as it has profound cleansing properties. Placing it on the body, by a door or window, or alongside other crystals will keep away negative energy, and actively draw it out. Resonating with moon energy, it radiates femininity, aiding to balance our yin/yang vibrations. It is beautiful for creating crystal energy grids, as it cleanses and helps to balance the chakra energy circulating.
Certain pieces of these are cleaved from the same piece of Selenite and so MATCH perfectly.

Weight: 77.8g
Weight: 89.2g
C (Cleaved from the same piece as D)
Weight: 41.8g
D (Cleaved from the same piece as C)
Weight: 39.9g
Weight: 41.7g
Weight: 27.8g
Weight: 18.2g
H (Cleaved from the same piece as I)
Weight: 24.8g
I (Cleaved from the same piece as H)
Weight: 36.6g
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