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Peak Crystals and Minerals

Raw Crystal Selection Gift Box

Raw Crystal Selection Gift Box

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Each decorative gift box contains a raw crystal selection of:
Rose Quartz - Love. Compassion. Attraction.
Amethyst Cluster - Peace. Relaxation. Balancing.
Clear Quartz Point - Healing. Amplifying. Purifying.
Pyrite - Strength. Abundance. Confidence.
Clear Quartz Cluster. - Healing. Amplifying. Purifying.

These pieces are perfect for every crystal lover in your life, newbie, and anyone who could benefit from some crystal energy healing (basically everyone!). Or even better, a little treat for yourself, this box offers the perfect self-care selection!

Rose Quartz in the living room encourages beautiful relationships.
Amethyst in the bedroom releases stress and helps sleeping well.
Pyrite in the office to focus energy on financial and personal growth.
Clear Quartz alongside the other crystal to amplify their energy, or in your quiet space to clear the mind and recenter yourself.
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