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Peak Crystals and Minerals

Golden Rutile on Hematite F

Golden Rutile on Hematite F

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Element: Storm, Earth
Chakra: All
Locality: Novo Horizonte, Bahia, Brazil

Golden Rutile on Hematite presents a captivating fusion, both aesthetically and energetically. Rutiles serve as conduits for spiritual growth, facilitating the assimilation of energetic transmissions and intensifying their impact. Moreover, they bolster manifestation abilities by deepening intuition and fostering creativity, crucial for entrepreneurial pursuits. The inherent balance and grounding properties of Hematite complement this synergy. While Rutiles elevate consciousness, Hematite anchors these energies, enabling their practical application in the physical realm. This harmonious union not only promotes clarity and focus but also empowers individuals to manifest their aspirations with purpose and determination.

Size: 22 x 15 x 3mm
Weight: 2.8g

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