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Peak Crystals and Minerals

Fluorite Sphere XL 6.2lbs

Fluorite Sphere XL 6.2lbs

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Chakra: Third Eye
Element: Air

Fluorite comes in a whole spectrum of colours; blues, greens, yellows, purples, and everything in between. Each colour has its own properties and influences a different chakra. This combination of colours and benefits, harmonizes the energy system of the body, bringing clarity to mind, body and spirit.
Purple Fluorite is a stone that instills pure peace. Similar to Amethyst in looks, it also offers similar properties, activating the Third Eye Chakra, helping us to connect with our intuition. This opening can also bring on mental clarity, clearer self-expression, and decisiveness. With these personality traits enhanced, we are able to release stress and tension, and create an inner peace. The Third Eye Chakra is also said to be in-charge of the pineal gland which releases melatonin among other hormones. This hormone helps the body relax, and settle into the 'rest and digest' phase to let go of anxiety.
Green Fluorite is all about bringing harmony. It helps encourage focus, and mental aptitude. During times of confusion and stress, Green Fluorite will promote peace and clarity. This amazing crystal helps stimulate brain cells to boost concentration, allowing for better learning and memory.
Overall, this crystal is all about settling the mind, detoxifying it from negative intense thoughts, and connecting deeper with our true selves.

Size: 4.75" / 12.07cm Diameter
Weight: 6.5lbs / 2948g

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