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Peak Crystals and Minerals

Perimineralized Fossil Wood with Quartz H

Perimineralized Fossil Wood with Quartz H

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Chakra: Root, Crown
Element: Earth
Locality: Zwenkau, Leipzig, Saxony, Germany

This piece is truly a sight to behold. The sparkle is like nothing I have ever seen before, due to the micro Quartz crystalline layer, naturally forming on the surface. This is a form of petrified wood in which a mineral took over the biological matter of the tree, around 200 million years ago. They were mined in Germany in the 1980s and the mine is already closed, making these pieces SUPER RARE. 
This crystal holds unique metaphysical energies. Connecting deeply with the Root Chakra teaches us patience in life. All good things take time, and with persistence and focus, we can reach our goals. The true beauty comes when combining this energy with that of the Quartz layering; harmonizing the Root and Crown Chakras allows one to open their mind to new possibilities, and find inner peace. A stunning combination in a stunning crystal for ultimate energetic balance, enhancing our abilities to grow and reach new consciousness. 

Size: 97 x 19 x 11mm
Weight: 34g

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