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Peak Crystals and Minerals

Butter Jade Crystal Elephant Carving

Butter Jade Crystal Elephant Carving

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Chakra: Heart, Root
Chitungwiza Art Centre, Zimbabwe (Hand-carved by locals in Chitungwiza)

This special variety of Jade comes from the greenstone belt of southern Africa and formed over 2.5 trillion years long before dinosaurs roamed the earth. These pieces contain the beginnings of life on Earth with inclusions of blue-green algae and fossils. It is a transformative experience, inviting us to tap into a pure, heartfelt perception of the world around us. The energies of this Jade variety is potent and calming, providing a nourishing influence that can help to balance our emotions and stimulate personal growth. Butter Jade allows clear thinking and guidance on the path to enlightenment.  Combined with the bringing of good luck and the capability to transform negative energies into positive energies, Butter Jade allows one to let go of ego while promoting wisdom and self-realization.
Elephants are a symbol of so many powerful and positive things. They represent wisdom, long life, memory, and vitality. They are a maternal figure, and represent familial bonds and the strength as a group, known to defend their herd with unbound loyalty. With their sheer strength and power, they are removers of obstacles. Nothing stands in the way of an elephant.

Size: 90mm x 60mm
Weight: 84.5g

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