Pyrite Energy for July

Pyrite Energy for July

Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi.

July Astrological Dates ~

Cancer Season - June 21st - July 22nd 
Leo Season - July 23rd - August 22nd
New Moon in Cancer - July 6th
Full Moon in Aquarius - July 21st

July Energy Forecast ~

July sets the wheels in motion for a period of blended energies, aiming only to heighten and impact our internal and social worlds. Mercury in Leo (June 30 - September 11) emphasizes bold and expressive communication. This period encourages creative self-expression and confident sharing of ideas. Mars in Libra (July 6 - September 23) focuses on balance, diplomacy, and partnerships, promoting harmony and justice in actions and decisions. There is a tendency to seek compromise and avoid conflict under Mars in Libra.
The New Moon in Cancer on July 6 highlights themes of emotions, family, home, and nurturing. It is an opportune time to set intentions related to personal and emotional security. This New Moon encourages strengthening family bonds and initiating projects that provide comfort and protection.
The influence of Mercury in Leo can enhance the expressive and creative energies during this period. Mars in Libra supports diplomatic efforts in relationships, balancing the nurturing energies of Cancer. Together, these placements encourage a blend of bold communication, harmonious actions, and emotional security throughout July.

July Affirmation ~

"I embrace bold self-expression and share my unique voice with the world."

We are embarking on a time of bold self expression. So how do we balance the intensity whilst nurturing harmony?


Chakra ~ Solar Plexus, Sacral
Element ~ Fire
Fact ~ Pyrite’s name comes from the Greek, pyrites lithos, “the stone which strikes fire.” It was commonly used as a fire starter and in being so, is a valued gift to human civilization.

Metaphysical Properties ~

It is a fantastic protection stone, removing EMF radiation, and other external influences that bring the body down. Once we feel protected on the outside, like a shield in battle, it encourages our confidence to build. Notice when using it, the strength and determination you will find, and your decisiveness will improve too. Influencing the Sacral Chakra, it is going to inspire you once again, and find that lust and drive in life. It is also a great bringer of positive energy.


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Together, these placements encourage a blend of bold communication, harmonious actions, and emotional security throughout July. Embrace the energy of this month, and take Pyrite along for the ride to confidently express yourself, nurture your personal relationships, and seek balanced, diplomatic solutions.

Happy July Everyone!
Stay tuned for more energy updates!

With Gratitude,
Dani & Corey X

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