Meditating with Crystals - How To Enhance Your Meditation Practice

Meditating with Crystals - How To Enhance Your Meditation Practice

As a Yogi and Yoga Teacher, meditation is a regular part of my routine.
People often say, "Oh, you must be good at it!"...
But is meditation something you can ever really get good at? I don't think so. It wasn't until I started incorporating crystals into my practice that I truly began to tune into the experience—focusing on my breath, staying present, and following my inner guidance.



So, this is my step-by-step guide to cultivating a deeper mediation practice alongside the use of Crystals.

1. Space ~

    The key to any meditation practice is finding a spot where you feel safe, comfortable, and hopefully, there is a bit of peace and quiet. Advanced practitioners can find this calm space within themselves, even amidst life's chaos, allowing them to settle their mind and body anywhere.
    If, however, you're like me and not quite a seasoned meditator yet, I'd recommend setting up a dedicated space at home. Pick a spot away from technology, preferably with some natural light. It could be a cozy corner, a bright window seat, or a room that isn't used much.   


2. Decorate ~

    Once you've picked your meditation spot, it's time to make it feel just right for you! This part is all about your personal preferences. Some folks love having plants around to soak up those natural vibes. Others prefer a clean, minimalistic setup. Personally, I like to keep it cozy with a meditation cushion (a folded blanket or any pillow works too), a macrame wall tapestry, an essential oil diffuser, a Money Tree, and of course, some crystals. (Check out my Yoga IG & Toktok for more hints and tips: @ladydaniyoga)
    Use your senses to guide you. Think about the scents you want in the air, the colors that soothe or energize you, the textures you'll be touching, and the sounds you might want in the background. Depending on your meditation style, you might include a speaker or headphones in your setup.
     Creating this space should be fun and doesn't have to be expensive. Forget about making it Pinterest-perfect. Focus on what feels right for you. If your mind feels chaotic, a simple, uncluttered space might be best. If you love exploring, surround yourself with trinkets that remind you of your travels or dreams. Maybe you're drawn to nature, and a few plants will make you feel at home.
     Ultimately, this space should reflect your personality. The more inviting it feels to you, the more you'll want to spend time meditating there!


3. Pick your pieces ~

    The key thing to remember is that meditation is all about finding that deep, inner peace. So, when you're picking out crystals to meditate with, go for the ones that make you feel harmonious and at ease when you touch them.
    It's also important to stay flexible because what works for you can change. Your perfect crystal might vary with the seasons, your mood, your personal cycle, or the different phases of your life. So, don’t get too attached to one particular crystal. Keep an open mind and go with what feels right in the moment.
    Some of my top suggestions at the moment are Amazonite (Intuitive guidance), Kunzite (Divine love), Dumorterite (Spiritual insights), Smoky Quartz (Grounds energy), and Septarian (Understanding experiences).
    Once you have your chosen pieces, bring them to the space. Do one final check-in and make sure they feel right in the space and with your energy. Then place them. At this point, before you get comfortable, maybe to ground your energy, and harmonize the energy of the crystals you have brought to the space, you may wish to cleanse. Palo Santo will offer positive vibrations. Sage will cleanse low vibrations. Lavender will bring peace. Or go for something like Dragons Blood to start the flow of insights. 


4. Placement ~

    - - Tips and tricks for meditation: do not put pressure on yourself. Be open to the whole experience: the good, bad, and uncomfortable. Breathe. If your mind wanders, that is okay and totally normal. When you realize, bring the attention back to the breath. Set a timer to help you stay present. - -

    Now, you have your space, it looks and feels good, you have chosen your crystals for the session, let's dive in. This blog is designed for those who already have tried meditating or have some semblance of a practice and want to go deeper. If you are entirely new to meditating, drop me a comment and I will make a more in depth blog about meditation itself! 
    Depending on your style of meditation, how you use crystals will vary. If you like to lie down on your back and meditate, placing a crystal that works well with the Third Eye and Crown chakra on the forehead will bring a sense of release whilst activating this area for deep spiritual insights. If you find it a little overwhelming when doing this, maybe the head spins or you feel too heavy, place a grounding crystal in each palm, hands open to the sky. 
    ~ For example, place Dumorerite on the forehead, Smoky Quartz in one palm, and Herkimer Diamond in the other to stay balanced yet open to the experience. ~ 
    Laying down you can also align a crystal that responds with each Chakra along the body, to reharmonise your energetic field.
    If you are feeling sluggish and weighed down by emotions or thoughts, place a selenite slab at the feet and at the top of the head. This will help to dissipate the negative energy is your aura.
    If you prefer to sit, I love to weigh the hands down in the lap or on the knees with a crystal in each hand. You can choose opposites but harmonic energies. For example: Tigers Eye and Kambaba Jasper. Or Amethyst and Citrine.
    You can also create a grid around yourself before settling in. This works especially well when you have multiple of the same crystals. Kundalini Citrine and Clear Quartz grids are a beautiful force to awaken the divine feminine energy.


5. Offering ~

    Settling in to your space, placing your crystals, closing down your eyes, getting into the space of stillness. This is where the practice begins. Taking the first few breaths to relax the body into the earth. Slow the breath to still the mind. As you exhale let go of tension. Inhale nourishing breath. Exhale release stagnation. Inhale positive energy.
    When you feel settled and calm, tune into the sensations of the crystals around. Notice the subtle shift of energy. As you become intertwined with this feeling, allow it to sink deeper and tune into the mind. Visulaize a warm steady light radiating from the crystals. Offer your own energy to crystal by imagining a connection of light travelling between you both. Allow the stream of light to flow from your heart, hands or crown of your head. Crystals are vessels for channeling energy, so offer your own, as a way to form a connection with the stonel. In this exchange of energy, your intention becomes clear, and the crystal can aid amplifying the energy. 
    Spend some time here, simply bonding with the crystal, allowing the exchange of vibrations. you may notice a deeper energy shift in the body or mind. You may feel a warmth, lightness, you may see certain colours emanating from yourself or the crystal. (These colours can have meaning, but don't get caught up in that, just simply observe and feel.) 
    When you feel an ease wash over you, and something suggests that you are complete, arrive back into the surroundings just as slowly as you came to your space of stillness. Move your fingers, toes, head side to side. Become aware of your physical state, before opening your eyes. Take a few moments to ground yourself back into this realm and notice what is residing with you. 
    The exchange of energy can be pretty intense and we always want to end with a note of gratitude: to Mother Nature for her energy, to the crystal for it's information, to the universe for each day and experience. Take a moment to thank the crystal for the insights, and then choose to place it somewhere it can continue to benefit you, or carry it with you to build a deeper bond. 


These moments of connection with the natural world can provide incredible insights into ourselves and our universe. They can give us the nudge to take a leap, make a long-awaited decision, or even draw back when necessary. There is never a right or wrong response in these practices. Each experience is unique and personal, offering valuable lessons and guidance.
As you delve into the practice of using crystals and meditation, remember to approach it with an open mind and, more importantly, an open heart. Allow yourself to be receptive to the subtle energies and messages that come through. Trust in the process and be gentle with yourself, knowing that each step you take is part of your journey.
Embrace the moments of stillness and connection, and let them guide you toward greater self-awareness and understanding. Whether you seek clarity, healing, or simply a deeper bond with the natural world, this practice can be a powerful tool for personal growth and transformation.


With Gratitude,

Dani & Corey x

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